Branding is key - We can create new identities or enhance existing brands. Either way, we’ll find the best way to lift your brand to the next level.

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Brand identity is the cornerstone of brand strategy and brand building. You need an articulated description of the aspirational image for the brand, what you want the brand to stand for in the eyes of customers and employees. That description drives the brand-building component of the marketing program, and greatly influences the rest of your brand’s activity.




Developing and sharing a compelling brand narrative is like crafting and telling a really good story. We can help you find a consistent voice for your brand and test it out to make sure it resonates. They say people don’t read today, which we don’t agree with, as long as you’ve got something interesting, relevant, and memorable to say.


We help you to Identify the target audience. Obtain/absorb information and Market trends. Create a competitive brandscape and a tone/voice for your brand. Identify your Unique Attributes always making sure we are aligned to the company’s objectives. 


Our Brand Workshop helps your organization gain the clarity and confidence needed for your brand to build an advantage in the marketplace. We'll find the best way to lift your brand perception to the next level.


Coming up with a name for your company, product, or brand is possibly one of the most challenging aspects of starting a business. It may seem like an inane detail to some, but the “NAME” is the single most important characteristic any company, product or brand can have.


After a brand workshop we go away and work on some initial ideas, then come together to select the best conceptual designs that are in line with your brand vision.


Brand is not a logo, a tagline, or an advertising campaign. It's a multidimensional platform that can be your greatest differentiator and competitive edge, if built correctly. It represents both a rational and emotional connection to your various stakeholders and the consumer that ultimately decides to purchase and engage with you. It's important to understand and deploy the power of fully developed brand elements.


Print media is seen as old school, but is still a vital part of business. Leave something memorable and engaging with your clients. We can also take care of printing for you, or pass you on to one of our quality brokers. 


We can capitalise on existing brand equity to develop something that people already have a connection with.

"We approached PlasticStudio over our quieter period to get some advice on how to increase website sales and explore new online platforms for the hotel. Their marketing expertise meant that they took our objectives and provided us with a social media campaign. Our website traffic increased by 2,000 sessions from the previous month and brought in over 7,000 new visitors to the website."
Kathy Parkin - Museum Art Hotel

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