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We’ll listen to your needs, help you define your goals and guide you through our proven design and development processes to create a smart and effective website.

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Scoping clearly defines your objectives and requirements which helps focus the budget in the right areas. Sometimes it's as simple of spending a few hours work to determine the right path. On larger projects it may involve running internal workshops, reviewing analytics, strategy work, or proof of concept.  


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Its important that people can easily find what they are looking for on your website. We do this by strategically mapping and planning the website structure based on the user’s needs, we are able to create focused site navigation. We take a practical approach to this by looking at your audience - who they are? What they want? How they want it! Once mapped out we know we're working on a solid foundation and can move onto the design stage.  

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We believe in excellent design and the results it can achieve when combined with technology. We focus on your audience and brand values to create relevant communication that stands out and builds a long-term relationship.


Most of our customers have seen a massive increase in mobile traffic, in some cases it's tripled! Google have taken this as far as to say they will penalise non-mobile-friendly websites.  We believe it's important to engage your visitors no matter what device they are viewing your website from. We've built a demo to illustrate how a responsive layout shuffles to fit to your device.


We take a hand-crafted approach to the build of your website to make sure it is built right. We work with a number of platforms but our preferred content management system is SilverStripe, mostly because it makes it easier for our clients! We have been working with SilverStripe for years now and have the skills to support you and customise it to fit your requirements. Talk to us today, we're happy to give you a demonstration. 



We're strong believers that content is king. It's important to make a real connection with your audience and tell your story. We can help you craft the content, get professional imagery, create videos and info graphics. We take the approach that people don't have time so the messages need to be clear and simple for your targeted audience.


We love a challenge and achieving results. It's important to us to know your objectives so we can work with you to achieve them. We use a range of tools to track what's happening so we can refine and evolve your website making it work harder.


Once your new website is up and running the next step is building traffic. See our digital marketing page for how we can attract the right people to your website.  

"We have worked with Phoebe and Richard and the team at PlasticStudio for 7 years now and they are not only a lovely bunch of people but they produce great work, on time and within budget. We are really proud of our unique brand identity which they helped to create and as a result we see PlasticStudio as an integral part of our business. "
Maree Glading - I Love Pies - Director

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